Alexander Mayben - Online Portfolio


Assemble Timbral Generator
(2020) - Web application (2020) - Software application
A JavaScript tool for visualizing and designing Powered by the Apocalypse systems. An implementation of the Wave Function Collapse procgen algorithm that turns noise images into unique instruments.
Computational Media MS thesis project at UCSC. Read the thesis here. Developed for CMPM 202 with Tamara Duplantis and Celeste Jewett at UCSC.


It's Not Just a Game Stood Up Block Header Channel Migraine
(2019) - Film, 5:00 (2019) - Film, 5:00 (2018) - Film, 6:00 (2017) - Twine story (2016) - Film, 4:13
A documentary on UCSC's tabletop gaming scene. A film about frustration. A documentary on capitalism in the film industry. A futurist hypertext story told in three slices. A film about headaches.